Patch the Heart Lion is a character created to help support children with Congenital Heart Disease. Often children must face multiple hospital procedures and surgeries throughout their heart journeys. Patch too has a CHD and has experienced many hospital procedures and surgery. It is hoped that children will relate to Patch and his experience and learn to express their thoughts and feelings along their heart journey.

‘Patch’ the mascot has already successfully brought smiles to many South Australian families by attending charity functions, family fun days, bike rides and Christmas picnics.

Finally… Patch the Heart Lion features in a picture book that may be used as a vehicle for discussion about the many emotions, procedures and feelings that children experience along their heart journey. This book has been created by two mums, Natalie Halls-Jones and Karen Horsell, who both have young boys with Congenital Heart Disease.

To purchase a copy of ‘Patch the brave heart lion’ just click on the buy book now option above and choose if you are an Australian customer or an International customer.

Patch mascot

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  1. So excited to see Patch’s very own website. He is an icon to so many Heartkids and their families. Thankyou to two beautiful ladies who have created Patches first storybook, it is amazing!! So buy it now 🙂 Bronny x

  2. Thank you so much, Bronny. We are glad you like Patch’s new picture book. We hope your little one will enjoy it also and it helps you both along your journey xxx

  3. Yay I found you Patch… Been spreading the word today on how exciting you having your own book telling your story to help other Heartkids, their family and friends to know how hard it can be at times… But then you are so courageous and a superhero… xxxx

  4. Thanks Kylie. Patch, Karen and I are all very glad you found us and can’t wait for the book to be printed. You are right – it is very exciting!!!

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    • Hi Amanda
      Yes you can purchase both of these items by clicking on the link at the top of the page for International customers.
      Heart Hugs

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