Development of the Book

As mothers of children born with complex heart conditions, our lives have been an emotional roller coaster.  We have traveled the journey of ups and downs as we agonize and watch helplessly while our gorgeous children endure so much.  Unfortunately some children with CHD must endure many procedures, hospital stays and surgeries throughout their lives.

Constant exposure to confronting machines, multiple doctors, surgeons and specialists often leads to feelings of insecurity and helplessness.           A search for an idol that young children would relate to began.

The bravery and resilience of our boys, was an absolute inspiration to us and led us to create Patch and write our first book together.  Patch’s self-esteem issues are real ones that children with Congenital Heart Defects often experience as they discover that they are a bit different from their peers.

We hope that ‘Patch’ can help and bring joy to children with CHD in some way, as it has our boys and family, and that it may help ease the incredible heart journey that too many children face.

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