Pre-Christmas Special

Pre-Christmas Special

Patch is getting ready to spread some Christmas Cheer!
It’s almost Christmas and Patch is getting excited… to celebrate and support this, we are offering free postage to all orders within Australia and ½ price postage to overseas orders.
We all wish that others could better appreciate what our CHD children endure and the journey that they are taking. So to help create awareness and understanding of the CHD journey, why not purchase an extra copy of “Patch the brave heart lion”…
• to give to family or friends
• to give as a teacher gift
• to donate to your child’s pre-school or school
• to donate to your local doctors surgery or hospital
• to donate to your child’s child care centre.
And with discounted postage, this is definitely the time to make the most of your purchases and help spread awareness for our amazing children.
To take advantage of this offer, just make a purchase using PayPal via our website: before the end of November. Click on the AUSTRALIAN or INTERNATIONAL orders link to receive the discounted postage rate which has been calculated for you.
Please share this so that together, we can help to create better understanding of the journey a CHD child and their family travels.
Heart Hugs
Natalie, Karen and Patch

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