Book Sales Are Going Great Guns!!!


How exciting!!!

We have picked up all 1500 books and have started filling orders!!!  We have sold over 100 books in under 1 week… So don’t forget to purchase your copy soon!!!

2 Comments on “Book Sales Are Going Great Guns!!!

  1. Hi I recieved our copy of Patch on Friday and just wanted to pass on how great it is. I have a daughter with complex CHD and also an 8 year old son, he loves reading and read it immediately, halfway through he stopped and looked at me and said “Wow mum this lion is just like bubba!” (she is only 15 months younger but she’s still his bubba), he then finished the book and noticed the heartkids logo and said “See he is just like Bubba!”

    • Hi Veronica
      Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. We are so glad that you are all enjoying our new book. It’s fantastic that your son is relating his little sister to Patch. My son also thinks that he is Patch, which is soooo cute! – Karen and I think it is wonderful that the book is making a difference to heart kids and their families.
      Thanks again for your support.
      Heart Hugs
      Natalie and Karen

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